Day-by-Day: A Plan for Success

16 May

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

Abraham Lincoln


After the last bits of winter melt away, my mind always turns to two things: tackling the jungle that has become my garden and preparing for bathing suit weather. Both seem equally insurmountable. Like the weeds and scattered debris that litter the yard, the extra pounds from hibernation season have also piled up.


Sigh. Where to begin?


As with any difficult task, thinking about it won’t work. Talking about it won’t work either. And diving in blindly, without garden gloves say or by suddenly cutting out all chocolate, will only lead to exhaustion, frustration and ultimately, failure.


The key to success is to work from a reasonable and time-tested plan and to wake each day with that plan in mind.  That might mean clearing all the downed branches one day, cutting back overgrown hedges the next.  It might mean opting for the salad or taking the dog out for two walks in one day. It definitely means doing these things day after day until the garden glows and the bathing suit fits.


Sticking to the plan is almost as important as the plan itself. 


At Fuller Communications, we have made this truism an integral part of our training philosophy. We offer a program of continuous learning that begins the very moment we create each of our customized programs. We’ve made daily follow-up easy and accessible by connecting with our clients in various ways every day. We’ve made our methods easily reinforced for even the busiest of professionals.


We do this because we know that nothing worthwhile is accomplished in a day, or even in a few days. Success takes committed work; success comes from daily effort to achieve a goal.


So, today I divide a few perennials and tomorrow, I’ll divide a few more. I’ll steer clear of the cookie aisle and add a few more sit-ups to my daily routine. I know it won’t be easy or fast, but I know its possible. Day by day.

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