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Fuller Goes the Distance

27 Nov


Would you train for a marathon but only run 25 miles come race day?  Would you host a Thanksgiving dinner but leave out the turkey? Would you buy a plane ticket from Boston to Hawaii but forget to re-board during your connection in Cincinnati?

Of course you wouldn’t.

But, that’s essentially what many companies are doing when they hire outside companies to help with internal communication issues.    They buy the ticket.  They board the plane.  They take off.   But, faced with some diversion, they hop off their flight prematurely…never reaching that final, sunny destination of communication success.

Many years ago, an employer gathered twenty-one coworkers and me in a conference room to review our outside-sourced personality tests.  I distinctly remember spending more than a few nights leading up to that meeting pouring over the assessment papers, answering questions about my life preferences, goals, and perception of my own skills and weaknesses.   Papers handed in, we gathered to await our results.


It was all so fascinating to us.  I remember my own four letters to this day.  I remember how amazed we were by how accurately the documents described our own traits.   I remember how, free from the conference room, we compared assessments over the course of the day and nodded admiringly at each other’s results.

And, I remember that, within days, I promptly forgot everything about everyone else’s letters.  What was it that I was supposed to have adjusted in my communication to each of them?   Was my manager an EN with whom I should be more direct?  Or was she ES with whom my direct approach would fall flat?  Panicked, I began to wish we’d been assigned name tags with letters on them.

And therein lie the problems with some executive coaching, team-building and other outsourced assistance.  There’s no doubt that knowing our own strengths and weaknesses is helpful in the business world.  We must recognize our attributes, emphasize our best abilities and continually work to improve in the areas where we lack confidence.

But, perhaps it’s even more important to know the personalities of those around us.

The task of improving workplace communication and building a highly functional team is only half complete when we’ve just studied our own traits.  After all, we know we can talk ourselves into just about anything.   Can’t we?

We must also know our audience be they a co-worker, a manager, a sales force or a client.  We must learn what communication styles work best for them and adapt our messages accordingly.    Don’t sell ice to a penguin.  Don’t sell shoes to a snake.

Fuller Communications takes analytics to the next level.   With a patent-pending behavioral pattern chart and customized programs to meet all their client needs, Fuller Communications finishes that training marathon.  They’ll make sure your group workshops get the Thanksgiving turkey to the table.

They can’t promise it’ll be Hawaii but there’s no doubt that, after training with the best, your company will love the direction they’re flying.