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A Note From Edward Fuller, Founder of Fuller Communications

13 Jun

An article in USA today this week, and specifically a quote from Michael Dell, got me thinking about the work we do on behalf of our customers and the value of our “solutions oriented” approach.  I wanted to share some of these thoughts with you.


— Michael Dell, USA Today, June 11, 2014

Universally, people seek to surround themselves with equally knowledgeable, insightful people. They look for and respect those who recognize the unique personality style of others and those with whom they can exchange comfortable dialogue.

They seek those who can ask pointed questions, offer thoughtful responses and articulate an understanding of issues, problems or communication gaps as they arise.

This is how successful relationships (be they personal or professional) are built.  This is how trust is established.

As Andrew Carnegie said “A problem understood is a problem half solved.” Without meaningful and thoughtful exchanges of ideas, no problem can be properly solved. To simply identify a problem, does not solve a problem. To simply possess the best product, does not mean you are utilizing it in the best way possible.

At Fuller Communications, we not only help to identify a problem, we then teach you how to solve it in a customized way that fits your team.  We offer not only the best possible product in our personalized training sessions, but the best possible solutions in our tailored communication strategies and individualized follow-up.

We think Michael Dell would approve.   Contact us anytime to help with your business solutions.